It Don’t Take Much

ALL PROCEEDS from iTUNES store DOWNLOADS of “It Don’t Take Much” by Mark Khan, from April – July 2019 WAS donated to these two charities


Negril Education Environment Trust (NEET) was founded by my father, Winston Wellington, in 2003 in Jamaica, and he has always been passionate about education (just ask me and my brothers!!), and the ability it has to lift children out of poverty. I invite you to visit NEET for more info.

Chain Of Hope

Chain of Hope was introduced to me by my mother, Kay Khan, who has always been active in charities, and was particularly moved by the “hope” this charity gives to children around the world. Bringing children from around the world for medical treatment in the UK, and to save their lives in a lot of cases, is so worthy.

It Don’t Take Much

This song is about giving back in anyway people can – from a smile to a homeless person instead of looking away, to a CEO deciding he or she will take a 1% hit on the bottom line and channel that 1% into a pay rise to his employees which might improve their lives 10% somehow, maybe take the kids on holiday. This, of course, is a simple way to look at it, but hopefully the sentiment and spirit is obvious….it don’t take much.

I wrote the song, starting off with just the musical arrangement, with no lyrics, having no idea as to what it would be about. My favourite part of songwriting is the musical composition – feeling out the chord changes, layering different instruments, creating a mood. Then I usually work on melody and lyrics, and my lyrics are about what I observe, my own experiences or simply a story. Of course, a lot of the time a lyric or melody pops into my head, either totally randomly or typically after hearing a piece of music peripherally – I make a note or record it quickly on my phone for later use.

So the song was written, and then I had it recorded, and was pleased with the result. I normally write and record for my own pleasure, but recently decided to put some of my songs out there, hopefully for a vocalist or artist to pick it up and take the song places. Then, after watching Children in Need, the thought occurred to me….walk the walk! The song is about giving back, so let’s it give back.

“It Don’t Take Much” is the title track to my 4 track EP, which is available commercially on a smaller platform. The single is on iTunes, and all download proceeds were given to Chain of Hope.

It Don’t Take Much

I woke up with my aches and pains
Swear I had a dream where it never rains
The whole world seemed to shine so bright
I could see the light
There was a man who was giving back
He had built enough, so he cut us some slack
One small thing was all it took
To take a second look
It don’t take much to make us smile 
It don’t take much just give it a while
It don’t matter what you are
Him or her
Why do people never pay you enough?
Faceless shadows that make life rough
A small change, take the higher road
Take a minute to lighten my load
We always fight over common land
The world is big enough to lend a hand
Step back to see what it’s for
Is it worth this war?
It don’t take much to live as one
It don’t take much to give up your gun
It’s a complex world, I know that’s true 
For me and you
Live and learn
Give up your gun
Live as one
It don’t take much

Links to sites that mean something to me personally, in the spirit of “It Don’t Take Much”

  • OUR PLANET – a reason for hope for the planet
  • IN YOUR CORNER – a friend’s charity using the sport of boxing to help children and adults overcome physical and mental health challenges
  • CHILDREN IN NEED – I always make a donation after watching this